Old Hogwrangler's Mumming Forecast 2010/11.

Dates for this year's season.

Mumming in Surrey and Hampshire 2010/2011   newest stuff at the bottom

Saturday December the 11th
Deal Hoodeners Hoodening (surprise!) ‘through streets of Deal & Pubs’, 7 - 10 pm. Kent. Details.

Sunday December the 12th
Pilgrim Morris Christmas Carols in Guildford High Street, 2 - 3:30. (This is an ‘other stuff’ entry!) Details.
Deal Hoodeners Sandwich Town, 10:30 am - 3pm. Kent. Details.

Friday December the 17th
"The Hoodeners" Sun Inn, St. Nicholas At Wade, 8pm; Monkton Village Hall 9pm. Kent. Details.
Pete Coe The Guildford Institute, Ward Street, GU1 4LH. Superb singer, step dancer and multi-instrumentalist. Details.

Saturday December the 18th
Hilltop Mummers "On top of a Hill"? East Boldre, between Beaulieu and Fawley (near Southampton Sound), Hampshire. -
"The Hoodeners" Wantsum Sports Association, Pavilion, 9pm (late start expected?). Kent. Details.
GBH Ceilidh Not strictly Mumming (wonder if there's a TV show in that?). Now too infrequent to miss. Details.

Sunday December the 19th
Deal Hoodeners Deal Town (sounds like a dodgy website!), 10 am - 3pm. Kent. Details.

Monday December the 20th
Godalming Mummers Guisers The Sun, >= 9.00pm, Jack Phillips >= 9.30pm and The Star >= 10.00pm. Godalming in Surrey.
So they're "Guisers" this week . . .

"The Hoodeners" The Lifeboat, Margate. Kent. (Private performance.) Details.

Tuesday December the 21st
"The Hoodeners" Boyden Gate, Marshside. Details.

Wednesday December the 22nd
Farnham Mummers
aka Pilgrim Mummers
The William Cobbett 8pm, The Hop Blossom 9:30pm, in Farnham, Surrey.
There are two large jpg's of details here and here.
"The Hoodeners" Village Hall, St Nicholas At Wade, 7pm; The Crown Inn, Sarre 9pm (late start 'expected'?). Kent.


Thursday December the 23rd
"The Hoodeners" Bell Inn, St Nicholas At Wade, 10pm. Kent. Details.

Friday December the 24th
Deal Hoodeners Deal Town (sounds like a dodgy website!), 10 am - 2pm, ‘approx’, as if Mumming time were somehow different from Morris time! Kent. Details.

Saint Stephen's Day - that's Sunday December the 26th in the old money! (Boxing Day to the rest of you.)
Crookham Mummers Starting noon at The Exchequer, The Black Horse, The Crescent Green and The Queens Head, last performance at 2pm. Northeast Hampshire. Details.
Word Doc.
Datchet "The World Famous Datchet Boxing Day (including the play)". Berkshire, near Windsor. Details.
Hook Eagle Morris Coach and Horses, Rotherwick (subject to confirmation now the landlord's left), lunchtime. Details.
Odiham Mummers Starting noon at The Bell (Odiham) 12:00, Waterwitch ~12:45, The Chequers Inn 1:35, and Odiham Cricket Club; last performance at 2.15pm. Hampshire. Details.
Rampant Rooster Morris Mumming & Morris Dancing at The Duke's Head, Brockham, Surrey, RH3 7JS. Starts 1pm. Details.
Ewell St. Mary's Morris 11.45am Hare & Hounds, Godstone; 12.45pm Castle Inn, Outwood; 1.45pm Fox & Hounds, Tilburstow Hill. Surrey. Details.
Yateley Mummers Starting noon at The Dog & Partridge (12.00pm) & Queen's Oak (1.15pm). Surrey. Details.

Friday December the 31st
Farnborough Mummers Weald and Downland Open Air Museum, Singleton, Sussex. Between 11.00am and 3.00pm. Details.

Saturday January the 1st
Yateley Mummers Starting 12.30pm at The Cricketers, Hartley Wintney. Details.
Rampant Rooster Morris Mummers play at The Black Horse, Reigate, RH2 9JZ. Starts 1pm. Details.

Monday January the 3rd
Farnborough Mummers Selborne, 12.30pm The Queen's Hotel, 1.00pm The Selborne Arms, and 2.00pm the Hawkley Inn, Hawkley. Doing the Selborne play: you might as well call them the Selborne Mummers.

Deal Hoodeners Chequers, Ash (Kent, not Surrey, I assume): Winter Folk Festival. Local Folk artists (for local people), and more. 11 - 11!


Thursday January the 6th - Twelfth Night
Pilgrim Mummers/whatever Mummers, tipteerers - wish they'd make their minds up! The Star 7:15, Kings Head 7:45, The Angel Hotel 7:45, The Three Pidgeons 9:30, and The Royal Oak from 10:00. If they're still open. You can download the poster - please copy/print & distribute. Details.
Yateley Mummers Starting 8:45pm at The Waterwitch, Odiham, 9:30 The Crooked Billet, Hook & 10:15 The Frog & Wicket, Eversley. Surrey side in Hampshire.


Monday January the 10th
Deal Hoodeners "Practice at Prince Albert". Plenty of time to practice, now the season is over!


January the 29th
GBH Ceilidh Last Chance until next October.


April the 23rd
Saint Georges Day Odiham Yately mummers perform a slightly amended version of their play. (Less Christmassy!).


May 20-22nd
The Dymchurch Players Two one act plays.


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