Mumming in Surrey and Hampshire. This lot in Hampshire

Crookham Mummers 2018

Out and about on Boxing Day:

The Doctor curing the injured.

The Doctor and Father Christmas curing the injured.

King George and Bold Roamer.

The Turkish Knight and King George.

King George and Bold Slasher

Trim Tram . . . and a pig.

The Aftermath:

Crookham Mummers raised a record £950 (nine hundred and fifty pounds) for Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice Care by performing their traditional play in Crookham Village on Boxing Day.

Keith Woolley, leader of the Mummers said:

"We are delighted and proud to have raised such a considerable sum for such a worthy cause. £950 is more than we have raised in any previous year."
"We estimate that over 1000 people came to see the show this year. One family told us they had come down from Nottingham especially to see the Mummers. We had a great mix of people from the very young to the four score year and ten year olds."
"Our thanks to the pubs, The Exchequer, The Spice Merchant and the Queens Head for their warm hospitality to the Mummers and for coping so admirably with all the extra customers."
"This year we broke about 50 of the wooden swords and had topical jokes about Brexit, Drones, Donald Trump and other news stories as well as classic jokes from 1880 about pigs, turnip peckers and candle lanterns."
"It is a great community event, its is sheer joy to see the waves of laugher go round the crowd and they way the crowd join in with the shouting. It's a wonderful feeling to have so many people feeling that the event is really special."
"It is quite exhausting for the performers, each spends a couple of days making a costume and swords and gathering props. Then they have to walk round the village and take part in energetic sword fights, but it is great fun."

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