Mumming in Surrey and Hampshire. This lot in Sussex and Hampshire!

Festive Festival of Mummers 2021

Saturday 4th December

From 1pm at Langham Brewery near Petworth.

With The Prize Old Mummers and The Godalming Guisers.

Singleton 2018

Farnborough Mummers at the Downland & Weald Museum Thursday the 27th of December

Eleven, twelve (, lunch?) and two o'clock.

The Farnborough Mummers 2015

Out at the Weald and Downland Open-air Museum.

Monday Dec 28th. - pictures from the second performance.

The Farnborough Mummers 2014

Out for not one but two days:

The Farnborough Mummers 2010/11

The Farnborough Mummers are from Farnborough in Hampshire (cf FarnHAM in Surrey, Farnborough in Kent, etc.), but perform each year at the Weald and Downland Open-air Museum at Singleton in Sussex (near Chichester). This year they also returned to Selbourne in Hampshire, by popular request, raising £100 for Dogs for the Disabled.

Photo above courtesy of Ruth from the Alton Herald.

Here are some photos of the 2010/11 season.

December 31st - Singleton Rehearsal

December 31st - Singleton Performance

January 3rd Selbourne - The Queens Hotel

January 3rd Selbourne - Selbourne Arms

January 3rd Hawkley - The Hawkley Inn

if you have any Farnborough Mummer's photos

Dates for the current Mumming season.