Mumming in Surrey and Hampshire. This lot in Surrey

The Godalming Guisers 2023

2023 Godalming Geezers performances

Monday 18th December

8:00pm The Star
8.30pm The Sun Inn
9.00pm Jack Phillips
9.30pm The Richmond Arms,
then back to The Star (~10pm) for music (and beer?).

The Godalming Guisers 2021

2021 Godalming Geezers performance

Monday 20th December

From 8pm a 'tour of the pubs'.

2021 Godalming Geezers performance

Saturday 4th December

From 1pm at Langham Brewery.

'Festive Festival of Mumming' with The Prize Old Mummers and the Farnborough Mummers.

The Godalming Guisers 2019

2019 Godalming Geezers poster

Monday 23rd December 2019

From 8pm at The Star,
8.30pm The Sun Inn;
9.00pm Jack Phillips;
9.30pm Red Lion,
then back to The Star (~10pm) for music.

Check for final confirmation.

Raising money for the Farncombe Day Centre. Poster by Stephen Goddard. Please download, distribute & display.

The Old Geezers were also out on Monday 22nd December 2014

The Old Guizers out in 2012.

The Godalming Guisers in 2010 raising money for the Chase Hospice
& in 2011 raising money for the Farncombe Day Centre.

Old Hogwrangler's Almanac

Actually they've been out for the FDC every year for, but I've no pictures of most of them. Please
if you have any Godalming Mumming pictures - any year you like.